Should I move from Level 2 to Level 3?

If you have mastered most of the dances in Level 2,
consider moving to Level 3

“Mastering” a dance includes:

  • You can do the dance with just a quick reminder.
  • You can do the dance without depending on a leader.
  • You can recover easily from mistakes and immediately keep dancing.

Many of the dances in our Level 2 repertoire are so popular that we will continue to teach them. We will also add new dances to our repertoire each term.

For those of you who like details: The Level 2 dances were chosen for their variety and for introducing more complicated line dance steps:  sailor step, anchor step, syncopated lock steps, heel jack, knee pops, diamond, heel/toe switch steps, ronde/sweep, ball steps, chase half turns, sailor quarter & half turns, hinge turn, 3/4 turns, full turns….as well as tags and restarts.

Stay in Level 2 as long as you wish.
If you want more challenges, you are ready to move up to Level 3.

The most important thing is to have fun!

What to expect in Level 3 lessons

  • In Level 3, most of the steps will be familiar but combined in new ways.
  • You will probably need to practice between lessons.
  • New dances will generally be the new popular choices in the line dance community.
  • The previous years’ Level 3 dances will be reviewed but not retaught, so you may need to:
    • learn some dances from the links online
    • attend specially-scheduled “moving-up” workshops
    • sit out one of the warm-up dances in a lesson
  • In addition to “quick review” of a dance or two dance each week, the Level 3 lessons will generally include a “full review” of a dance or two.