Should I move from Level 1.5 to Level 2?

If you have mastered 12 of the 15 core dances in Level 1.5,
consider moving to Level 2

“Mastering” a dance includes:

  • You can do the dance with just a quick reminder.
  • You can do the dance without depending on a leader.
  • You can recover easily from mistakes and immediately keep dancing.

The Level 1.5 dance repertoire is generally the same each season.
If you will be bored learning the same dances, it is time to move up.

For those of you who like details: The Level 1.5 dances were chosen for their variety and for introducing more complicated line dance steps:  Lock steps, weave, hook/hitch, kick ball change, coaster step, swivels, heel digs, triple step half turn, hip bumps, tango basics, serpiente, lindy, cross shuffle, Monterey turn

So, stay in Level 1.5 if you wish. Move up to Level 2 if you are ready for more challenges.

The most important thing is to have fun!

What to expect in Level 2 lessons:

  • some “quick review” warm-up Level 1.5 dances
  • full teaching of any Level 2 dance. Since the Level 2 dances are more complicated, some dances may be taught over 2 weeks. It may take a few weeks to master the Level 2 dances.