August 10 Cul-de-Sac Dancing for Level 1.5

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This Monday, we welcome our Level 1.5 dancers.
We will dance:
Come Dance with Me (as warmup)
Smokey Places
Broken Stones
Eyes for You
Little Red Book
Senorita La-La-La
All I Am is You
Something in the Water
Please email if you would like to attend.


August 3 Cul-de-Sac Dancing Level 1

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We will dance all of our Level 1 repertoire to original or alternated music.
We have danced our repertoire 3 times in the cul-de-sac.
We will just do one-wall walk-throughs.  Then we will turn on the music and enjoy.
Please remember the ground rules for our current virus situation:
– remain 2 meters apart — an arm extension on all sides is a perfect line dance space anyways
– this is weather dependent — everyone will need to leave if the weather turns bad
– it is outdoors only — no washroom facilities
– wear masks please — although Faye will not wear a mask due to microphone interference
Please remember:
– your water bottle
– good street shoes for an asphalt surface — probably solid runners or cowboy boots
In the cul-de-sac in front of 161/163 Morris
Please park above the cul-de-sac to permit room to dance — up the hill from the garbage can
Date & Time:  August 3,  6:30 – 7:30

Please email if you intend to come.  We can accommodate 20 dancers.
 Priority will be given to Level 1 dancers, …. our other BVLD friends can join us if space permits.

Please do not attend
– if you have fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose
– if you have travelled internationally within the last 14 days
– if you have had close contact with someone who has suspected COVID

Cul-de-Sac Dancing July 27 for Level 2

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Hello dancing friends,

Here is the plan for the cul-de-sac on Monday: (as time permits, and not necessarily in this order)
(kinda depends on what happens Saturday night at the party!!)

Quick reviews of: Pocket of Hearts / Gypsy Queen / Blue Night Cha / I Close My Eyes
Reminders of Level 1.5 favourites: Senorita La-La-La / Smokey Places (to Wicked Game)
Review of Pontoon
Full reviews of The Bomp / Yeah!

Please email to “reserve” a spot.
We can accommodate 20 dancers in the cul-de-sac.
Priority will be given to Level 2 dancers.  Level 3 and 4 dancers are welcome if space permits.

Dance Party Saturday July 25th update

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Good Friday evening dancing friends,
We are looking forward to dancing with you tomorrow.

Based on our Level 3/4 dance party on Wednesday, we set a maximum of 20 for tomorrow’s party.
The following will be attending:
Deb, Faye, Rick, Tim, Susan G, George, Jane, Carolann, Juliana, Margaret D
Les, Kath, Irene, Denise, Marlene, Judy C, Dave, Mary Kai, Rodger, Lori

Our thanks to the Level 3/4 dancers who gave up their spots so that we could all feel safe.

Please read the details in the post below.
… see you tomorrow.
Faye and Deb

Dance Parties

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Hello dancing friends,

We are looking forward to our upcoming dance parties.

These are the dancers who have registered:

July 22 PARTY for Levels 3 & 4 

Deb, Faye, Rick, Janet, Mona, Rozanne
Susan, Dana, Sherry, Kathy M., Belinda, Kathy S.

July 25 PARTY for Levels 1 & 1.5 & 2           (Max. 30)
Faye, Deb, Rick, Tim, George, Jane, Melody, Juliana, Susan G, Margaret, 
Les, Kath, Denise, Marlene, Judy, Carolann, Mona, Janet, Irene, Mona,
Dave, Mary Kai, Rodger, Lori, Dana, Kathy McC, Ian, Andrea (28 registered)

Please note:

Location: Creekside Hall

Time: 7:15

For the safety of everyone, we will follow AHS guidelines, so PLEASE:

1.  Wear your mask/shield when entering, dancing and leaving the building.

2.  Bring your own playlist.
We will not post a playlist on the walls. It results in too much close proximity.

3.  Bring your own water.
The water fountain may not be available for use as it does not have no-touch options. 

4. Bring your own snacks if you wish.
We will not be providing snacks.

5.  Bring $3 in exact change.
We will not make change nor permit removing change from the money box.

6. Do not arrive before 7:00.
We are not able to open the door prior to then.

7. Take breaks often. 
Our dance party is not intended to be a high intensity exercise.

8. Remember physical distancing at all times.
This applies to the dance floor as well as entry and exit.

9. If you want to sit out a dance, do so in the garden. 
We will not have seating in the hall.

10. Sanitize your hands as you enter.
We will have hand sanitizer available.

Thank you.
We want everyone to feel safe and be safe.
…while also having fun!!

See you soon on the dance floor.
Deb and Faye