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The Board has approved our BVLD Covid Committee’s recommendation that: 
collection of the Daily Covid Checklist be discontinued.  
Given the asymptomatic nature of the disease, the checklists have a limited use.  

Let’s give thanks for that decision.

However, it is essential to keep everyone safe.  
Do not come to class if you are experience any symptoms of illness.  
A Covid-19 checklist is on this BVLD Home page –right side for your reference.  
If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions, please stay home.

Masks help us stay safe. We ask that everyone wear their masks properly.
When we return to classes, each class will have a “Mask Monitor”
We are grateful that Board members have volunteered for this task in each class.
Janice for Level 1 / Jane for Level 1.5 / Susan for Level 2 / Janet for Levels 3 & 4
Thank you “Mask Monitors”

While we are giving thanks, here are some additional messages from the Board:

We are thankful that:

– our members stay home when they are feeling unwell.

– our dancers keep others safe by wearing a mask that covers nose and mouth and social distancing.

– we have volunteers willing to serve on the Board and to instruct our classes.

– we have been able to return to dance classes

– the weather allowed us to hold cul-de-sac dancing every Monday from May 25 through August 31.

– we have been able to rent spaces to hold our classes and our parties.

– we can dance to fill ourselves with joy, which we can share with those around us.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,
From your BVLD Board

Lessons Sept. 25 & Sept. 28

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Lessons: Friday, Sept. 25

Level 2
Warmup          Come Dance with Me
Review            Jerusalema
New to some   Wave on Wave

Level 3               
Quick Review  Better When I’m Dancin’
Review            Sweet Attraction
Review            Good As You

Level 4                 
Quick Review  Made You Miss
Review            Remember Us This Way
Review            Rolling in the Deep                 

Lessons: Monday, Sept. 28

Level 1
Review            Ah Si 
Review            Cut a Rug 
Review            Good Morning
Teach              Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel

Level 1.5
Warmup          Little Red Book
Review            Jerusalema EZ
Review            Senorita La-La-La
Teach              I Ain’t Never

Posting problem

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Level 4 dancers: I cannot post the Level 4 playlist successfully.
ASAP, I will send you an email with the rest of the list.


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The Board recently approved a Covid-19 protocol related to the operations of dance classes.  

Masks are an important Covid-19 protection.   For the welfare of all BVLD masks covering the nose and mouth will continue to be required.  We ask dancers to self-police to ensure proper wearing of masks.

Due to the physical demands on breathing of teaching, calling, demonstrating and dancing during teaching; instructors may choose not to wear masks during class when they are teaching.  In these situations, students will be asked to provide an additional space buffer between themselves and the instructor as an additional measure of defense.

Should you have questions; please contact a member of the Covid-19 Committee.  These members are Deb Mayberry, Janet Amy and Mona McIntyre.

P.S.  Please remember to bring your completed Daily Covid Checklist each week until further notice.  If you are taking more than one class on the same day, only one form is require.  Many thanks.