Lessons Feb. 21 & 24

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Feb. 21: Mary

Level 2             
Warmup          Week 4            Gypsy Queen
Review            Week 2            Locklin’s  Bar
Teach              New                 Keep Young
Teach (review for some) Mini Flute

Level 3             
Warmup          Week 4            Wintergreen
Review            Week 3            Dizzy
Review            Week 2            Blessed
Teach              New                 Stomp Down

Level 4
Warmup          Week 5            Rolling in the Deep     
Review            Week 3            Faithful Soul    
Teach              New                 Up in the Air

Feb 24                         

Level 1
Warmup          Cut a Rug // Rockin’ the WW // Simply Blue // Rita’s Waltz
Review             Simply Mambo
Teach               Crash and Burn

Level 1.5
Warmup          Senorita La-La-La // Mini Flute // Pocket of Hearts 
Review             Coastin’ //   Something in the Water
Teach              My New Life 

Family Day Weekend Break

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Remember that there are no classes Feb. 14 and Feb. 17

Enjoy your Family Day weekend.

Enjoy practicing your dances.

See you Feb. 21 and Feb. 24.

..and remember to mark your calendars for our dance party Feb. 29.

Lessons Feb 7 & 10

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Feb. 7

Level 2
Warmup                      Gone West // Pocket of Hearts // Gypsy Queen
Review                        Blue Night Cha
Teach                          Locklin’s Bar

Level 3
Warmup                      Simplemente // Wintergreen 
Review                        Dizzy
Teach                          Blessed

Level 4

Review                        Rolling in the Deep
Review                        Faithful Soul
Review                        Hypnotized Cha
Quick Teach “floor fillers”      Pocket of Hearts (from Level 1.5)
                                                Gone West  (from Level 2)
                                                Rock It (from Level 2)

Feb. 10

Level 1
Warmup                      Ah Si // Cut a Rug // Rockin’ the WW // Simply Blue //
Review                        Rita’s Waltz
Teach                          Simply Mambo

Level 1.5
Warmup                      Senorita La-La-La // Mini Flute // Pocket of Hearts 
Review                         Coastin’
Teach                          Something in the Water

Lessons Jan. 31 & Feb. 3

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Jan. 31

Level 2
Warmup                      Gone West
Review                        Pocket of Hearts // Gypsy Queen
Teach                          Blue Night Cha

Level 3
Warmup                      Nancy Mulligan // Simplemente // Locklin’s Bar
Review                        Wintergreen
Teach                          Dizzy

Level 4
Warmup                      Rolling in the Deep // The Flute
Review                        Hypnotized Cha                 
Teach                          Faithful Soul

Feb. 3

Level 1
Warmup                      Ah Si // Cut a Rug
Review                        Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel // Simply Blue
Teach                          Rita’s Waltz

Level 1.5
Warmup                      Senorita La-La-La // Mini Flute
Review                        Pocket of Hearts
Teach                          Coastin’

Lessons Jan. 17 & 20

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Jan. 17

Level 2
Review            Champagne Promise // Rock It
Review            Gone West
Teach              I Close My Eyes

Level 3
Review            Good As You // True Believer 
Review            Nancy Mulligan
Teach              Simplemente 

Level 4
Review            Hourglass
Review            The Flute
Teach              Rolling in the Deep

Jan. 20

Level 1
Review                       Ah Si
Review                        Cut a Rug
Teach                          Good Morning
Teach                          Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel

Level 1.5
Review                        Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Review                        Senorita La-La-La
Review                        Rolling Rhythm
Teach                          Mini Flute
If time permits         Something in the Water