Rehearsal for Canada Day

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Our second rehearsal will be tomorrow
Wednesday June 29
7:00 to 8:00
at the
(our usual room)
We can’t trust the weather.


No dancing Monday June 27

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Faye and Deb have other commitments.
Watch for cul-de-sac dancing July 4.
Please note that cul-de-sac dancing is open to all levels of all current BVLD members.
There is no need to register.


Cul-de-Sac dancing returns!!

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Hello dancing friends,
Our Spring Term lessons have ended.
…hope you had fun!!
Now let’s dance in the cul-de-sac
most Mondays 6:30 to 7:30
The forecast for this Monday, June 20,  indicates rain, so please watch the skies.
We won’t be dancing in the rain!
This Monday we will feature our Level 1.5 dances.
Imelda’s Way/ Sundown Swing/ Senorita La-La-La/ Keep It Simple/ DHSS/
I’m On My Way/ We’re Good to Go/ Crazy What Love Can Do/ American Kids
There is no need to register.
Just come and dance if the weather allows.

Lessons June 12

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Monday, June 12

Level 1
Let’s review all of our Spring Term dances:
Ah Si // Cut a Rug // Simply Blue // Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel // K is for Kicks // Stroll Along Cha // Simply Mambo // Rita’s Waltz //My Blue Tree

Level 1.5
Let’s review:
I’m On My Way // We’re Good to Go // Keep It Simple // Crazy What Love Can Do // American Kids // Sundown Swing // DHSS // Imelda’s Way // Senorita La-La-La
Reteach: Something in the Water

Lessons June 6 & 10

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Monday, June 6

Level 1

Warmup Stroll Along Cha
Review Simply Mambo
Review Rita’s Waltz
Teach My Blue Tree

Level 1.5

Party Prep. I’m On My Way
Party Prep. Champagne Promise
Party Prep. We’re Good to Go
Party Prep. Lonely Drum
Party Prep. Crazy What Love Can Do
Review (week 2) American Kids

Friday, June 10

Level 1.5 (see June 6 above)

Level 2

Party Prep. Caribbean Plans
Party Prep. Light Me Up
Party Prep. ‘Til You Can’t
Review My Bestie
Review Music to My Eyes
Party Prep.(if time) True Believer

Level 3/4

Party Prep (no walk thru. Faithful Soul
Quick Review (2 walls) Country in 3
Quick Review (1 wall) Crazy in Line
Review Portland Cha
Teach The Vibe