March 27 At Home Lessons

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Hello dancing friends. 

We had a great “Digital Dance Weekend” – 21 online teaches, and plenty of social dancing.

We have chosen a few of our favourites from the weekend, so if you want to learn some new dances while you are at home, try these.
…and we have included some warmup and review suggestions too.
Please let us know if you like the new dances: or

Dance in your kitchen until we can be together again.
Keep dancing for joy!!
Faye & Deb

Level 2
Warmup          Keep Young     
Review            Wave on Wave
Teach              Lonely Blues (Rachael McEnaney-White)(April 2019, but already classic)

Level 3
Review            Wintergreen    
Review            Dancing Fever
Teach              Catch (Grace David and Jo Thompson Szymanski) (Feb. 2020)

Level 4
Review            Up in the Air    
Review            Choose Joy
Teach              Life is a Lesson (Fred Whitehouse) (Feb. 2020)

More dancing!

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Live Stream Dance Parties 
Every weekday at 2 pm MST

March 23 at home lessons

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Level 1
Learn or review Ah Si
Learn or review Cut a Rug
and then try it to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”
Learn or review Rita’s Waltz
and then try it to “Music to My Eyes”

Level 1.5
Warmup Crash and Burn (from Level 1)
Learn or review Come Dance with Me
Learn or review Sweet Caroline ** and see the bonus chuckle link here
..and if your time permits, how about Fishers Hornpipe too

Keep dancing for joy!

Spring Session Cancellation

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Hello dancing friends,

Our Board members have all agreed that we must cancel the Spring session.

The peak of this pandemic is yet to come, and no one knows how many weeks or months this will last.

We will be processing registration fee refunds for everyone as quickly as possible:

– If you paid by cheque, we will not cash your cheque. No cheques have been deposited for the Spring session. If you want your cheque returned to you, please email  immediately. We will be destroying cheques in mid-April.

– If you paid by online banking, our new treasurer Jane Saly will refund your fee. Please be patient because Jane will need to go into the bank to formalize her signing authority once the cornonvirus abates. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Our March dance party is cancelled.
We will post notes on the April and May dance parties as this situation evolves.

If by some miracle, everything suddenly turns around in April or May,
we will offer options for semi-structured drop-in classes, or something else creative.

Meanwhile, watch this website, and I will post whatever comes to mind to bring some dancing joy into your homes.

We are all fortunate to live in this magnificent Valley. 
Let’s focus on that and on staying well. 

Keep dancing in your kitchen.