Should I move from Level 1 to Level 1.5?

If you have “mastered” the dances in Level 1,
consider moving up to Level 1.5

“Mastering” a dance includes:

  • You can do the dance with just a quick reminder.
  • You can do the dance without depending on a leader.
  • You can recover easily from mistakes and immediately keep dancing.

The Level 1 dance repertoire is generally the same each season.
If you will be bored learning the same dances, it is time to move up.

For those of you who like details:
The Level 1 dances were chosen for their variety and for introducing basic line dance steps:
Step-touch & step-point & step-kick, grapevine, shuffle & triple step & cha cha cha, mambo, rock step, cross rock recover, rocking chair, jazz box, scuff & brush, K step, ramble, step turns, scissor steps, Charleston, toe heel stomp, waltz steps

So, stay in Level 1 if you wish. Move up to Level 1.5 if you are ready for more challenges.

The most important thing is to have fun!