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Important New Postings

The Spring Registration is now posted.(under the “2020 Spring Registration” tab) The very detailed agenda for the Feb. 29 Annual General Meeting is posted(under “About Us” under “Governance”) The Interim… Read more »

Lessons Feb. 21 & 24

Feb. 21: Mary Level 2             Warmup          Week 4            Gypsy QueenReview            Week 2            Locklin’s  BarTeach              New                 Keep YoungTeach (review for some) Mini Flute Level 3             Warmup          Week 4            WintergreenReview            Week 3            DizzyReview            Week 2            BlessedTeach              New                 Stomp Down Level 4Warmup          Week 5            Rolling in the Deep     Review            Week 3            Faithful Soul    Teach              New                 Up in the… Read more »

Lessons Feb 7 & 10

Feb. 7 Level 2Warmup                      Gone West // Pocket of Hearts // Gypsy QueenReview                        Blue Night ChaTeach                          Locklin’s Bar Level 3Warmup                      Simplemente // Wintergreen Review                        Dizzy Teach                          Blessed Level 4 Review                        Rolling in the Deep Review                        Faithful Soul Review                        Hypnotized Cha… Read more »