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Lessons Nov. 13 & 16

Lessons: Friday, Nov. 13 Level 2 Warmup (no review)                     Crystal Touch Warmup (no review)                     Music to My Eyes Quick Review                                   Jerusalema Quick Review                                   Senorita La-La-La Teach                                                 Lonely Blues – second half Nov 20    Private… Read more »

Thank You

What a great Club !!We have already filled our volunteer request for Corner Leaders.Many thanks to Virginia, Les, Kath, Leana and Mona for stepping forward so quickly and willingly.

Lessons: Friday, Nov. 6 & 9

Level 2Warmup (no review)                     Crystal TouchQuick Review                                JerusalemaReview                                          Music to My Eyes Review                                          Senorita La-La-LaTeach                                            Lonely Blues Level 3               Warmup (no review)                     Sweet AttractionReview                                          Do Si DoReview                                          JerusalemaWk. 2 Review                                Bethlehem ChildTeach                                            Catch Level 4                 Warmup (no… Read more »

Lessons Oct. 30 & Nov. 2

Lessons: Friday, Oct. 30 Level 2 Wk. 4 Review                          JerusalemaWk. 2 Review                          Crystal TouchTeach                                      Music to My Eyes (finish teaching restart)Teach                                      Senorita La-La-LaQuick Reviews if time            I Close My Eyes/ Pontoon/ Get It Right Level… Read more »