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Lessons Feb. 21 & 24

Feb. 21: Mary Level 2             Warmup          Week 4            Gypsy QueenReview            Week 2            Locklin’s  BarTeach              New                 Keep YoungTeach (review for some) Mini Flute Level 3             Warmup          Week 4            WintergreenReview            Week 3            DizzyReview            Week 2            BlessedTeach              New                 Stomp Down Level 4Warmup          Week 5            Rolling in the Deep     Review            Week 3            Faithful Soul    Teach              New                 Up in the… Read more »

Lessons Feb 7 & 10

Feb. 7 Level 2Warmup                      Gone West // Pocket of Hearts // Gypsy QueenReview                        Blue Night ChaTeach                          Locklin’s Bar Level 3Warmup                      Simplemente // Wintergreen Review                        Dizzy Teach                          Blessed Level 4 Review                        Rolling in the Deep Review                        Faithful Soul Review                        Hypnotized Cha… Read more »

Lessons Jan. 31 & Feb. 3

Jan. 31 Level 2Warmup                      Gone WestReview                        Pocket of Hearts // Gypsy QueenTeach                          Blue Night Cha Level 3Warmup                      Nancy Mulligan // Simplemente // Locklin’s BarReview                        WintergreenTeach                          Dizzy Level 4Warmup                      Rolling in the Deep // The FluteReview                        Hypnotized Cha                 Teach                          Faithful Soul… Read more »

Lessons Jan. 17 & 20

  Jan. 17 Level 2Review            Champagne Promise // Rock ItReview            Gone WestTeach              I Close My Eyes Level 3Review            Good As You // True Believer Review            Nancy MulliganTeach              Simplemente  Level 4Review            HourglassReview            The FluteTeach              Rolling in the Deep Jan. 20 Level… Read more »