Lessons Dec. 12 & 14

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Monday, Dec. 12, Level 1, 7PM      

Full-term Reviews
(11 dances)
Ah Si
Cut a Rug
Simply Blue
Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel
K is for Kicks
Simply Mambo
Rita’s Waltz
My Blue Tree
Stroll Along Cha
Crash and Burn

Monday, Dec.12, Level 1.5, 8PM    

Full-term Reviews
(11 dances
Keep It Simple
I Got No Regrets
Some Kind of Wonderful
Weekend Vibes
I’m On My Way
‘Til the Neon’s Gone (L2)
We’re Good to Go
Broken Stones
Eyes for You
If time, review Sundown Swing

Wednesday, Dec.14, “New to 2 & 2 Review”

Full-term Reviews Pontoon
Remember This
Storm and Stone
Gypsy Queen
Crystal Touch
‘Til the Neon’s Gone
If time Cold Heart