Lessons May 9 & 13

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May 9 (Monday) 

Level 1
Quick review     Ah Si / Simply Blue / Cut a Rug
Review             Rocking’ the Wagon Wheel
Teach               K is for Kicks
If time permits  Rita’s Waltz

Level 1.5
(W)                   Keep it Simple / Come Dance with Me / I’m On My Way
(R)                    Champagne Promise
(T)                    Crazy What Love Can Do
(if time..)          We’re Good to Go

May 13  (Friday)

Level 1.5
(W)                   I’m On My Way / Keep it Simple
(R)                    Crazy What Love Can Do
(T)                    We’re Good to Go
(if time..)          Champagne Promise

Level 2
(W)                   Cold Heart / ‘Til You Can’t
(R)                    Carribean Plans
(T)                    Light Me Up
(if time..)          True Believer

Level 3/4
(W)                   Throwback Song
(R)                    Faithful Soul
(QR)                 Dizzy
(T)                    Chill Factor