Lessons March 14 & 18

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Monday, March 14

Level 1

Warmup Ah Si
Warmup Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel
Review Crash and Burn
Review My Blue Tree
Teach Some Kind of Wonderful                      

Level 1.5

Warmup All I Am
Reteach Jo ‘n Jo Tango
Review I’m On My Way
Review Fishers Hornpipe
Review (if time) Lonely Drum

Friday, March 18 : Wear a little green to celebrate a late St. Patrick’s Day


Level 1.5 (see March 14 above)

Level 2

Review True Believer
Quick Review Crystal Touch
If time permits Where Oh Where
Teach Pretty Little Galway Girls


Level 3/4

Warmup Wintergreen
Quick Review Bad Habits
Quick Review Choose Joy
Quick Review I’ve Seen It Al
Review Dizzy
Reteach Good to Go