The New Summer Plan

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Hello dancing friends,

Now that we are into the total freedom of Phase 3, many of our dancers are travelling / seeing family / visiting their cottages / camping ….. we have a new summer plan.
We expect our Fall Term to begin Sept. 13 (pending rental agreements)
Between now and then, we will host
– Cul-de-sac dancing for Level 1 dances:  July 12 and August 2
– Cul-de-sac dancing for Level 1.5 dances: July 14 and August 4
– Indoor Canmore Senior Center dancing for Level 2 and 3/4: July 10 and August 29
For each of these dates:
– the minimum number of dancers is 6
– the maximum number of dancers is 20
– the deadline for registering is the Saturday prior to the event.
NOTE: I will post the list of registrants ONLINE prior to the event, so you can see who is coming and you will know if the minimum or maximum is reached.
Please email me
so that I can post every evening if the registration changes.
You may register now for each of these dates if you wish.