Dance party registrants as of July 15

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Now that we are into the total freedom of Phase 3, many of our dancers are travelling / seeing family / visiting their cottages / camping …….so we have a new summer plan, hosting only a few mini-dance parties. Check here for updates on the dates.

PLEASE NOTE that for each of these dates:
– the minimum number of dancers is 6 — otherwise the dance will be cancelled
– the maximum number of dancers is 20
– the deadline for registering is the Saturday prior to the event.

Level 1 dances in the Cul-de-sac: 6:30 (priority will be given to Level 1 dancers

     * August 2     Sylvia, Marlene, Denise, Donna, Juliana

Level 1.5 dances in the Cul-de-sac: 6:30  (priority will be given to Level 1.5 dancers

     * August 4     Susan G., Riko, Juliana, Vicky C, Annmarie

Level 2 and 3/4 dances at Canmore Seniors Center 7:00 doors open / 7:15 dancing

     * August 29     Kathy M, Mona, Rozanne, Janet, Frank, Jana, Rick
This dance party is confirmed.

All BVLD members who have had at least one vaccination are welcome.
Masks will not be required.