Lessons Oct. 30 & Nov. 2

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Lessons: Friday, Oct. 30

Level 2

Wk. 4 Review                          Jerusalema
Wk. 2 Review                          Crystal Touch
Teach                                      Music to My Eyes (finish teaching restart)
Teach                                      Senorita La-La-La
Quick Reviews if time            I Close My Eyes/ Pontoon/ Get It Right

Level 3               

Quick Review                          Dance with a Stranger
Wk. 3 Review                          Do Si Do
Wk. 2 Review                          Jerusalema
Teach/Review                         Bethlehem Child

Level 4                 

Wk. 3 Review                          Nothing But You
Wk. 4 Review                          Do Si Do
Wk. 2 Review                          Remember You Young
Teach                                      Have Fun Go Mad

Lessons: Monday, Nov. 2

Level 1
Warmup                                  Ah Si
Review                                    Simply Blue
Review                                    Simply Mambo 
Teach                                      Crash and Burn

Level 1.5
Review                                    I Ain’t Never
Review                                     Good Vibes
Review                                     All I Am is You
Teach                                      Smokey Places