Lessons Oct 16 & 19

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Lessons: Friday, Oct. 16

Level 2

Warmup                                  Come Dance with Me

Wk. 4 Review                          Jerusalema

Wk. 3 Review                         Wave on Wave

Wk. 2 Review                          Crystal Touch

Teach                                      Music to My Eyes

Level 3               

Warmup                                  Better When I’m Dancin’

Wk. 4 Review                          Sweet Attraction

Wk. 3 Review                          Good As You

Wk. 2 Review                          Dance with a Stranger

Teach                                      Do Si Do

Level 4                 

Warmup                                  Made You Miss

Wk. 4 Review                          Remember Us This Way

Wk. 2 Review                          Nothing But You

Teach                                      Have Fun Go Mad

Lessons: Monday, Oct. 19

Level 1
Warmup (no review)              Ah Si 
Warmup (no review)             Cut a Rug 
Warmup (no review)              Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel
Review                                     Rita’s Waltz
Teach                                      Simply Blue

Level 1.5
Warmup (no review)             Jerusalema EZ
Quick Review                          Senorita La-La-La
Review                                    I Ain’t Never
Review                                     Good Vibes
Teach                                      All I Am is You

“Keep everyone safe. Do not come to class if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness. A Covid-19 checklist is available on the BVLD Home page – right side for your reference. If you answer Yes to any of the questions please stay home.”