Comments Off on Masks

The Board recently approved a Covid-19 protocol related to the operations of dance classes.  

Masks are an important Covid-19 protection.   For the welfare of all BVLD masks covering the nose and mouth will continue to be required.  We ask dancers to self-police to ensure proper wearing of masks.

Due to the physical demands on breathing of teaching, calling, demonstrating and dancing during teaching; instructors may choose not to wear masks during class when they are teaching.  In these situations, students will be asked to provide an additional space buffer between themselves and the instructor as an additional measure of defense.

Should you have questions; please contact a member of the Covid-19 Committee.  These members are Deb Mayberry, Janet Amy and Mona McIntyre.

P.S.  Please remember to bring your completed Daily Covid Checklist each week until further notice.  If you are taking more than one class on the same day, only one form is require.  Many thanks.