Dance Parties

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Hello dancing friends,

We are looking forward to our upcoming dance parties.

These are the dancers who have registered:

July 22 PARTY for Levels 3 & 4 

Deb, Faye, Rick, Janet, Mona, Rozanne
Susan, Dana, Sherry, Kathy M., Belinda, Kathy S.

July 25 PARTY for Levels 1 & 1.5 & 2           (Max. 30)
Faye, Deb, Rick, Tim, George, Jane, Melody, Juliana, Susan G, Margaret, 
Les, Kath, Denise, Marlene, Judy, Carolann, Mona, Janet, Irene, Mona,
Dave, Mary Kai, Rodger, Lori, Dana, Kathy McC, Ian, Andrea (28 registered)

Please note:

Location: Creekside Hall

Time: 7:15

For the safety of everyone, we will follow AHS guidelines, so PLEASE:

1.  Wear your mask/shield when entering, dancing and leaving the building.

2.  Bring your own playlist.
We will not post a playlist on the walls. It results in too much close proximity.

3.  Bring your own water.
The water fountain may not be available for use as it does not have no-touch options. 

4. Bring your own snacks if you wish.
We will not be providing snacks.

5.  Bring $3 in exact change.
We will not make change nor permit removing change from the money box.

6. Do not arrive before 7:00.
We are not able to open the door prior to then.

7. Take breaks often. 
Our dance party is not intended to be a high intensity exercise.

8. Remember physical distancing at all times.
This applies to the dance floor as well as entry and exit.

9. If you want to sit out a dance, do so in the garden. 
We will not have seating in the hall.

10. Sanitize your hands as you enter.
We will have hand sanitizer available.

Thank you.
We want everyone to feel safe and be safe.
…while also having fun!!

See you soon on the dance floor.
Deb and Faye