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The Board has approved our BVLD Covid Committee’s recommendation that: collection of the Daily Covid Checklist be discontinued.  Given the asymptomatic nature of the disease, the checklists have a limited use.   Let’s… Read more »

Lessons: Friday, Oct. 2 Level 2Warmup                      Come Dance with MeWk. 3 Review              JerusalemaWk. 2 Review             Wave on WaveTeach                          Crystal Touch Level 3               Warmup                      Better When I’m Dancin’Wk. 3 Review              Sweet… Read more »

Lessons Sept. 25 & Sept. 28

Lessons: Friday, Sept. 25 Level 2Warmup          Come Dance with MeReview            JerusalemaNew to some   Wave on Wave Level 3               Quick Review  Better When I’m Dancin’Review            Sweet AttractionReview            Good As You Level… Read more »

Posting problem

Level 4 dancers: I cannot post the Level 4 playlist successfully.ASAP, I will send you an email with the rest of the list.