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April 30 Lessons

Level 2 Whenever you choose! WarmupWarmupReviewLearn/Relearn Yeah! Get it Right  I Close My EyesBlue Night Cha (Check the tutorial posted under “Dance List”.It will make some of you very happy to see… Read more »

April 27 Lesson

…still missing you. but check out our new links to good tutorials. Level 1   WarmupReviewReviewLearn/Relearn Ah Si *Rita’s Waltz.*  Rockin’ the Wagon WheelCrash and Burn **Check out our new links… Read more »

April 20 – 25

Level 1   WarmupReviewReviewLearn/Relearn Ah Si *Cut a Rug *  Rockin’ the Wagon WheelRita’s Waltz **Check out our new links to great tutorials for these dances!   Levels 1.5   WarmupReviewReviewLearn/Relearn Lonely… Read more »

Online Opportunities

Hello dancing friends, Some of you have asked if Deb and Faye will be offering online classes.As you know, our BVLD website offers links to all dances currently in our… Read more »

April 16 At home lessons

Level 2 Thursday or Whenever you choose! WarmupReviewLearn/Relearn Yeah! (Did you learn it last week?)Pontoon  Get it Right    Levels 3 & 4 Thursday 5:30 on Facebook with Mary Rochfort  LearnReview  Catch Nobody … Read more »