Lessons Nov. 28 and Dec. 2 

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Monday, Nov. 28, Level 1, 7PM             

Quick Reviews Simply Blue
Rita’s Waltz
Stroll Along Cha
Reviews My Blue Tree
Teach Broke
Rocket to the Sun (if time)

Monday, Nov. 28, Level 1.5, 8PM          

Quick Reviews Weekend Vibes

I’m On My Way
We’re Good to Go

Reviews  ‘Til the Neon’s Gone (L2)
Teach /Reteach Broken Stones
DHSS (if time)

Wednesday, Nov. 30                     NO CLASS

Friday, Dec.2, L 1.5 at 2PM                     Term end Reviews

 Reviews Keep It Simple
I Got No Regrets
Some Kind of Wonderful
Weekend Vibes
I’m On My Way
We’re Good to Go
‘Til The Neon’s Gone

Friday, Dec.2, L 2 at 3PM                   Term end Reviews    

 Reviews Storm and Stone
Dance without a Partner
The Bomp
True Believer
Crystal Touch
Champagne Promise
Remember This
Cold Heart

Friday, Dec.2, L 3/4 at 5:30 PM         Term end Reviews    

Reviews Another One Bites the Dust
Portland Cha
The Vibe
Moses, Roses, Toeses
Light Me Up
Crazy in Line

If time: turbo-teaches for: ‘Til the Neon’s Gone/ Remember This / Storm and Stone