Lessons Oct. 24 & 26 & 28

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Monday, Oct. 24, Level 1, 7PM

Warmups Cut a Rug / Simply Blue
Quick Review Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel
Review K is for Kicks
Teach Simply Mambo / Rita’s Waltz

Monday, Oct. 24, Level 1.5, 8PM

Warmup Jo ‘n Jo Tango
Quick Review I Got No Regrets
Some Kind of Wonderful
Review Weekend Vibes
If time I’m On My Way

Wednesday, Oct. 26, “New to 2 & 2 Review”, 5:30PM

Warmup Champagne Promise // Senorita
Quick Review Pontoon
Review Storm and Stone
Teach Gypsy Queen

Friday, Oct. 28, L 1.5 at 2PM

Warmup Keep It Simple
Quick Review I Got No Regrets (Week 4+)    (if time)
Some Kind of Wonderful (Week 3)
Review Weekend Vibes (Week 2+ workshop)
Teach  ‘Til the Neon’s Gone

Friday, Oct. 28, L 2 at 3PM – Please note the new time – 3 PM

Warmup Remember This (Week 4 + workshop)
Quick Review Storm and Stone (Week 4)
Review Dance without a Partner (Week 3)
Teach The Bomp

Friday, Oct. 28, L 3/4 at 5:30 PM

Warmup Another One Bites (Week 5)
Quick Review Portland Cha (Week 5+)
Quick Review The Vibe (Week 4)
Teach Moses, Roses, Toeses