Lessons June 6 & 10

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Monday, June 6

Level 1

Warmup Stroll Along Cha
Review Simply Mambo
Review Rita’s Waltz
Teach My Blue Tree

Level 1.5

Party Prep. I’m On My Way
Party Prep. Champagne Promise
Party Prep. We’re Good to Go
Party Prep. Lonely Drum
Party Prep. Crazy What Love Can Do
Review (week 2) American Kids

Friday, June 10

Level 1.5 (see June 6 above)

Level 2

Party Prep. Caribbean Plans
Party Prep. Light Me Up
Party Prep. ‘Til You Can’t
Review My Bestie
Review Music to My Eyes
Party Prep.(if time) True Believer

Level 3/4

Party Prep (no walk thru. Faithful Soul
Quick Review (2 walls) Country in 3
Quick Review (1 wall) Crazy in Line
Review Portland Cha
Teach The Vibe