Monthly Archives: October 2021

Lessons Nov. 1 & Nov. 5

Monday, Nov. 1 Level 1 Warmup                                  Simply Blue Review                                    Simply Mambo Review                                    Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel Teach                                      Crash and Burn Level 1.5 Warmup (No… Read more »

Lessons Oct. 25 & 29

Monday, Oct. 25 Level 1            Warmup                      Ah Si 1 wall reminder          Cut a Rug 1 wall reminder          Good Morning 1 wall reminder          Rita’s Waltz 1 wall reminder          K is for… Read more »


BVLD Club has been invited, as users of the Rec Center, to participate in the creation of the Canmore Recreation Centre Community Mural, organised by local artist Pascale Ouellet. Join… Read more »

Lessons Oct. 18 & 22

Monday, Oct. 18 Level 1 Warmup                      Ah Si Warmup                      Cut a Rug Review                        Good Morning Review                        Rita’s Waltz Teach                          K is for Kicks Teach                          Simply Mambo Level 1.5… Read more »