June 14 & 16 cul-de-sac dancing

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Hello dancing friends,
Our June 7 & 9 Level 1 cul-de-sac dance parties filled very quickly.
Some dancers mentioned their wish to attend a Level 1 party to regain confidence after missing several months of dancing – and we were unable to fit everyone in!!
So we will repeat exactly the same playlist June 14 & 16.
Dancers from all levels are welcome.
Please sign up only if you are not included in the June 7 & 9 parties.
You may register, starting now for June 14 & 16.
You must register with Judy: bvldc2@gmail.com
Please do not register for future dance parties (beyond June 16) yet.
AHS may permit larger outdoor gatherings soon. Stay tuned to this website.
If you need details on: the playlist / review plan / covid rules /location info,
please see the June 1 post on the website.