Monthly Archives: March 2021

Lessons March 29

Level 1             Warmup                      Ah Si // Cut a Rug Review                        K is for KicksTeach/Review             Rita’s Waltz // Simply Mambo Level 1.5         Warmup                      All I Am is You // JerusalemaReview                        Sundown SwingTeach                          Side by Side NO LESSONS on GOOD FRIDAY APRIL… Read more »

Lessons March 22 & 26

Level 1                Teach/Review              Ah SiTeach/Review              Cut a Rug Teach                            K is for Kicks Level 1.5    Review                          All I Am is You              Review                          Jerusalema EZTeach                            Sundown Swing Level 2       Warmup Blue Night ChaReview                          Senorita La-La-LaTeach                            Where Oh Where         Level 3/4   Warmup               Good As You Review                          Simplemente Teach                            Faithful Soul… Read more »

Two Level 1.5 spaces open

Two spaces have become available for our Friday Level 1.5 class at 2:00PMIf you have mastered the Level 1 dances, and would be interested in this class, please email us at… Read more »

Come Dance with Me!

We are delighted to be returning to classes!So happy!!For the next two weeks, we are offering classes to our Fall Term registrants who lost classes due to the lockdown Nov…. Read more »