….still waiting

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Hello dancing friends,

As we wait for classes to resume, here is an update from the world of line dancing.

This weekend was the annual Crystal Boot Awards — like an Academy Awards for line dancing.
You might be interested that many of the nominees for best dances are in our repertoire.
Check the Crystal Boot Awards website for the entire list, but here are some examples:
Improver Level Dances: Crystal Touch // Jerusalema // Señorita La-La-La // Stomp Down
Intermediate Level Dances: Faithful Soul // Just a Phase // Life is a Lesson // Nothing But You // Soul Shake Sweet Attraction // Wintergreen
….aaah, so many of our favourites!
Those ones will continue to be on our list, so get out your shoes and enjoy dancing them in your living room.

…eagerly waiting for the time when we can safely dance together again,