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Lessons: Friday, Oct. 2

Level 2
Warmup                      Come Dance with Me
Wk. 3 Review              Jerusalema
Wk. 2 Review             Wave on Wave
Teach                          Crystal Touch

Level 3               
Warmup                      Better When I’m Dancin’
Wk. 3 Review              Sweet Attraction
Wk. 2 Review              Good As You
Teach                          Dance with a Stranger

Level 4                 

Warmup                      Made You Miss
Wk. 3 Review              Remember Us This Way
Quick Review              Rolling in the Deep
Teach                          Nothing But You         

Lessons: Monday, Oct. 5

Level 1
Warmup (no review)  Ah Si 
Warmup (no review) Cut a Rug 
Warmup (no review)  Good Morning
Review                        Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel
Teach                          Rita’s Waltz

Level 1.5
Warmup (no review) Little Red Book
Warmup (no review) Jerusalema EZ
Quick Review              Senorita La-La-La
Review                        I Ain’t Never
Teach                          Good Vibes