March 27 At Home Lessons

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Hello dancing friends. 

We had a great “Digital Dance Weekend” – 21 online teaches, and plenty of social dancing.

We have chosen a few of our favourites from the weekend, so if you want to learn some new dances while you are at home, try these.
…and we have included some warmup and review suggestions too.
Please let us know if you like the new dances: or

Dance in your kitchen until we can be together again.
Keep dancing for joy!!
Faye & Deb

Level 2
Warmup          Keep Young     
Review            Wave on Wave
Teach              Lonely Blues (Rachael McEnaney-White)(April 2019, but already classic)

Level 3
Review            Wintergreen    
Review            Dancing Fever
Teach              Catch (Grace David and Jo Thompson Szymanski) (Feb. 2020)

Level 4
Review            Up in the Air    
Review            Choose Joy
Teach              Life is a Lesson (Fred Whitehouse) (Feb. 2020)