Lessons March 13 & 16

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Consider the lessons this week to be private little dance parties!
We will ask you if you need a walk through or if you just want the music.
Or email me fayefa@shaw.ca to let me know in advance that you want walk throughs on some dances.

March 13

Level 2            
Full review on our new dance Wave on Wave
 Walk throughs if you request for:
Gone West 
I Close My Eyes
Gypsy Queen
Pocket of Hearts
Blue Night Cha 
Locklin’s Bar 
Keep Young
Mini Flute
if time permits: Rock It, True Believer

Level 3          
Full review on our new dance Dancing Fever
 Walk throughs if you request for:
Nancy Mulligan
Stomp Down
Time permitting: Good As You 

Level 4             
Full review on our new dance Choose Joy
 Walk throughs if you request for:
The Flute 
 Rolling in the Deep     
 Faithful Soul 
 Up in the Air
Time permitting: Hourglass // Simply the Best// Hypnotized Cha // Get Wild // 
Maybe: Pocket of Hearts // Gone West 

March 16

Level 1
Ah Si 
Cut a Rug         
Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel      
Simply Blue 
Good Morning 
Rita’s Waltz                             
Simply Mambo            
Crash and Burn                       
Stroll Along Cha Cha               
My Blue Tree  

Level 1.5
Boot Scootin’ 
Rolling Rhythm 
Mini Flute       
Pocket of Hearts 
Something in the Water                              
My New Life                          
Imelda’s Way 
Broken Stones

Level 1.5 plan for Spring session: By your request, will have “full reviews” of:  Sweet Caroline / Come Dance with Me / Jo ‘n Jo Tango // Fisher’s Hornpipe /
All I Am / Smokey Places / Eyes for You / Senorita La-La-La / Little Red Book
If you wish a “full teach” on any one, please email me.
We hope to introduce 3 or 4 new dances as well.