Lessons Feb. 28 & March 2

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Feb. 28: Mary

Level 2             
Warmup          Week 4            Gypsy Queen
Review            Week 3            Locklin’s  Bar 
Review            Week 2            Keep Young
Teach                                       Mini Flute
Time permitting: Coastin’

Level 3             
Review            Week 3            Blessed
Review            Week 2            Stomp Down
Party prep 2 wall reviews:      Lay Low, Soul Shake, Dizzy, Simplemente, 
                                                Nancy Mulligan, Good As You

Level 4 
Review            Week 2            Up in the Air
Party prep 2 wall reviews:      Get Wild, Faithful Soul, Cha Cha Senorita,
The Flute, Rolling in the Deep

March 2                                  

Level 1
Warmup          Cut a Rug / Rita’s Waltz
Review             Simply Mambo / Crash and Burn
Teach               Stroll Along Cha Cha

Level 1.5
Warmup          Senorita La-La-La // Mini Flute // Pocket of Hearts  // Coastin’
Review             Something in the Water // My New Life        
Teach               Imelda’s Way