Lessons Nov. 22 & 25

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Nov. 22

Level 2 
Review (week 4)      All I Am is You           
Review (week 3)      Pontoon
Teach                         Champagne Promise
If time permits          Rock It

Level 3 
Review (week 3)      True Believer 
Review (week 2)      Bethlehem Child 
Teach                         Good As You
If time permits          Beautiful Goodbye                      

Level 4 
Review (week 5)      Cha Cha Senorita
Review (week 3)      Simply the Best
Teach                         Hourglass
If time permits:         Cry to Me

Next week is our final class of the term.
All classes will be “All review – Mini dance parties!”

Nov. 25 (our final class of the term)

Level 1
All Review – Mini dance party!

Level 1.5
All Review – Mini dance party!