Welcome Back! Lessons for Friday, Sept. 13

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Mary Rochfort will be with us!
Some of us may feel a bit rusty after a summer away from classes, so this will be a review week.
If you have not had a “teach” on these dances, check the online tutorials, or take a break if necessary.
All of these dances will be on our playlist for the next dance party – Saturday Sept. 14.

Level 2                       3:15    
Warmup                     Come Dance with Me
Review                        Eyes for You
Review                        I Close My Eyes
Review                        Blue Night Cha
If time permits          American Kids

Level 3                       5:30
Review                        Lay Low
Review                        Sucker
Review                        Stitches
Review                        Dock of the Bay

Level 4                       2:00
Review                        Just a Phase
Review                        Graffiti 
Review                        Hypnotized Cha
Review                        The Show