Dance Party July 20

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The playlist is now posted.
Look under Events (as usual)

There are a few changes for this dance party:

– From 7:00 until 7:30, we will be reviewing dances from the workshops.
If you did not attend the workshops, you may want to wait until 7:30.

– For this dance, we have scheduled our Level 3/4 dances at the beginning of the evening, giving them a chance to depart early if they wish. — just switching it up a bit by request of some of our dancers

– We may all be a bit rusty on our dances, so we will do more walk-throughs than usual.  Practice when you can, but come out for some fun regardless….

Note: The Seniors Center will be hosting a memorial service July 20. Please do not arrive before 7:00. If there are still memorial service guests there at 7:00, please be respectful. If you are coming at 7:00 to review workshop dances, we may be on the garden patio, or the parking lot if necessary.