No classes Good Friday or Monday.

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Enjoy the Easter weekend. Dance when you can — just for the joy of it!!

See you all:
– April 26 if you are in Friday lessons,
– April 29 if you are in Monday lessons,
The dance party is FREE
because we will have our Annual General Meeting then.

The agenda was sent to all of you by email, and is also online.
The minutes of last year’s meeting are posted online under Governance.
The finances and policies are there too.
Only two issues have been brought to our attention:
– need more classes — we have asked for another hour for an evening class at Elevation Place, and we have been informed that there is not even one available hour during the week.
– need more Level 1.5 dances — we will keep looking for suitable dances, and have described our choice criteria to the dancer who inquired.
These won’t be discussed at the AGM because both issues are beyond our control.

We expect that the meeting will be short.
Our primary task will be voting for Board members.
Then we will return to dancing.