March 22 & 25 —- The last classes for the Winter Term

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Level 1 Monday March 25

It’s our last class for the Winter Term.
Let’s dance the full Level 1 repertoire.
It’s a mini dance party!

Level 1.5 Friday March 22 and Monday March 25

Let’s dance most of the Level 1.5 repertoire as time permits! 
We’ll just have some fun.

            Come Dance with Me


            Jo ‘n Jo Tango

            Rolling Rhythm

            Boot Scootin’ Boogie

            Sweet Caroline

            Imelda’s Way


            I Close My Eyes 

            Something in the Water

            (Eyes for You – Monday)
            (Fisher’s Hornpipe – Friday)

Level 2/3

9 dances were taught this term. 
Let’s try them all, and find out which ones need a quick review.

Gypsy Queen 

Wave on Wave

Smokey Places

Rock & Roll Music


Lay Low

Locklin’s Bar

Get It Right – Mary suggested a 2 wall walk thru’

Mini Flute – Mary suggested a quick review

Level 3/4

Show me what you have learned!

Corazon Diamante                

To the Moon & Back   — Review           

Dive Right In                          


Celtic Duo                               


 The Flute   — Review