Lessons Jan.18 and Jan. 21

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LEVEL 1:          Mondays 7:00 PM
Review           Ah Si / Cut a Rug / Good Morning

Teach             Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel

LEVEL 1.5:       Fridays 3:15 PM and Mondays 8:00 PM             

Review           Come Dance with Me

Review           Coastin’

Teach             Jo ‘n Jo Tango

LEVEL 2/3        Fridays 5:30

Warmup         I Close My Eyes               

Review           Gypsy Queen   

Teach             Wave on Wave

LEVEL 3/4        Fridays 2:00 PM

Review           Corazon Diamante

Review           Chill Factor

Review           Strip it Down

Review           Simplemente

Review           Ain’t Misbehavin’

****Check under Events for the January 19th playlist.****