Lesson Plan for Sept 7 & 10

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Welcome back to line dance classes!
We are very excited for the new season!

Here re the lesson plans for our first week back:

LEVEL 1:          Mon. 7:00 PM
Ah Si, Cut a Rug, Good Morning

LEVEL 1.5:       Fri. 3:00 PM and Mon. 8:00 PM
Warmup         Stroll Along Cha, Cut a Rug
Teach             Jo ’n Jo Tango
Teach             Little Red Book

LEVEL 2:                      Fri. 5:30
Warmup         Eyes for You, DHSS
Teach             Rolling Rhythm
Teach             Broken Stones

LEVEL 3:                      Fri. 2:00
Review                       Everybody’s Groovin’
Review                       Pull You Through
Review                       Dizzy