Week of April 17 to 21

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Practices: Tuesday April 18

Level 1                  1:30
Cut a Rug, Simply Blue, Rita’s Waltz, Stroll Along Cha

Level 1.5               2:00
Fishers’ Hornpipe, Crash and Burn. Simply Mambo, Little Red Book, My Blue Tree

Level 2                  2:30
Brown Eyed Girl, Imelda’s Way, Stitches, Homegrown, Rock and Roll, Broken Stones
***Special invitation to all: There will be a full review of Brown-Eyed Girl at 2:30 because this dance is not posted online. It is a Level 1.5 or Level 2 contra dance. Please come and learn this dance if you are able. 

Level 3                 3:00
Blessed, Toes, Dock of the Bay , Beautiful Goodbye, Pontoon

Practices are at Ignite Dance Studios         $1 per half hour
All levels are welcome at all practices if you have learned the dance.
Practices are intended as 2 wall reviews only.

If you missed a lesson, try to learn it online (using the videos on the Dance List page) before you come to the practice.
If you have missed a lesson or two and cannot learn the dances on your own, talk to Deb or Faye about some options


Lesson: Wednesday April 19

Level 1                    6:00
Good Morning, Simply Blue, Ah Si, Cut a Rug, Stroll Along Cha, Rita’s Waltz
Simply Mambo — new


Lessons: Friday April 21

Level 1.5               2:00
Pre-dance Reviews : Little Red BookBoot Scootin’ Boogie, Tush Push
(and requests as time permits)

Level 3                  3:00
Pre-dance Reviews : Mojo Rhythm, Raggle Taggle Gypsy O, So Just Dance Dance Dance,
Wave on Wave, Love on the Brain/ Rolling Rhythm
(and requests as time permits)

Level 1.5               6:00
Pre-dance Reviews : DHSS, Coastin, Jo ‘n Jo Tango, Imelda’s Way
American Kids, Imelda’s Way, Brown Eyed Girl (with your Level 2 friends at the end of your class)
(and requests as time permits)

Level 2                    7:00
Pre-dance Reviews : Your heaven, Summer Fly, Locklin’s Bar, Moo Dee, Wonderland. East to West, American Kids, Imelda’s Way, Brown Eyed Girl (please come early and dance with Level 1.5 friends)
(and requests as time permits)