Week of March 27 to March 31

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 Practices: Tuesday March 28

Level 1                    practice will begin next week

Level 1.5               1:30
Boot Scootin’
Come Dance with Me
Fishers’ Hornpipe
American Kids

Level 2/3               2:30
Moo Dee Blues
East to West 17
Wonderland Waltz
Louisiana Swing
The Bomp
Rock and Roll Music

Ignite Dance Studios         $1 per half hour
All levels are welcome at all practices. Feel free to join practices for a lower level.
Practices are intended as 2 wall reviews only.
If you missed a lesson, try to learn it online (using the videos on the Dance List page) before you come to the practice.
If you have missed a lesson or two and cannot learn the dances on your own, talk to Deb or Faye about some options


Lesson: Wednesday March 29

Level 1                    6:00
Good Morning
Cut a Rug
Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel
Simply Blue — new


Lessons: Friday March 31

Level 1.5               2:00
Come Dance with Me
Little Red Book — new
Boot Scootin’ – week 2
Crash and Burn

Level 3                  3:00
Moo Dee Blues
East to West 17
Wonderland Waltz
Mojo Rhythm
Rolling Rhythm

Level 1.5               6:00
Come Dance with Me
Imelda’s Way – week 2
American Kids– week 3
Little Red Book

Level 2                    7:00
Summer Fly
Moo Dee Blues
Pontoon – full review
East to West 17 – time permitting
Wonderland Waltz – time permitting