March 24 lessons

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Hello Level 1 dancers:
Great dancing yesterday!! Hope you had fun!
The dances you learned were:
Good Morning
Cut a Rug
Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel
Look under “Dance List” on this website. Click on the dance you want to review. Look down the right-hand side of the Copperknob site and find a “Tutorial” to help you review. After a few tries you will discover some Tutorials that suit your reviewing style.
Hello Levels 1.5 and 2 and 3 dancers:

Mary will be instructing tomorrow, Friday, March 24.
Here are the lesson plans:

2pm :Level 1.5
Warm up:                    Fishers Hornpipe
Review:                      Come Dance With Me
New                            Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Time permitting:         Simply Mambo

3pm Level 3
Quick review             Moo Dee Blues and East To West 17
Full Review              Mojo Rhythm
Teach                        Rolling Rhythm
Time permitting:     Wonderland Waltz & Gypsy Queen (+ to Night club song)

6pm Level 1.5
Warm up                     Coastin’
Full review                 American Kids
Teach                         Imelda’s Way
Time permitting       Jo N ‘ Jo Tango

7pm Level 2
Warm up                     Summer Fly
Full review                Wonderland Waltz — Moo Dee Blues
Time permitting       East to West 17, American Kids – contra style