Dance Party Set List – January 21

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Hello dancing friends,

Our first dance party of 2017 is this Saturday at St. Michael’s Anglican Church hall, 7:00 until 9:00. Cost $2. Canmore casual attire with non-marking shoes.

Just bring your water bottle. We will provide light snacks. You may bring non-dancing guests, but please let them know that they will need to sign a liability waiver.

The 2017 Jan. party playlist is arranged by dance levels so that you can quickly see which dances you will be able to do as the music comes up.

Level 1 dancers: You will be able to dance during 26 out of 30 songs — and you will know all of your repertoire really well by the end of the evening!

Level 1.5 dancers: You will be able to dance to 29 of the 30 songs. The arrows indicate where we are dancing with Level 1 dancers. The tiny print indicates dances from last season’s Level 1 repertoire.

Level 2 & 3 dancers: You will be able to dance something to every song!

You may want to print a copy of the playlist to bring with you.

If you want to practice a bit before the dance, go to (save it as one of your favourites!!) and check under Dance List for links to all of our dances for each level.

Line dance party etiquette:

  • It is a party, so come and go, sit and eat and chat as you wish — but the dance floor is just for dancing!
  • If you join a dance after it has begun, please join on the outside of the lines.
  • If you come onto the floor before the song begins, move to the middle if you need some support/reminders of the dance. Please go to the perimeter of the floor if you know it well so others can watch you.
  • We are just dancing for the pure joy of it, so there is no pressure to get the steps right. Just come and dance!!