Lessons – Friday, January 13

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Here is the lineup for Friday’s class with Mary. It would be great if you could practice the “Warm up” dance before you come, so that Mary does not need to review it. Review the two “Review” dances a bit so we have more time for our new dance.


Deb and Faye and Sharon


Level 1.5

  • Warm up: Simply Mambo
  • Review: Crash & Burn
  • New: Come Dance With Me
  • Review: Little Red Book
  • Time permitting: My Blue Tree

Your new dance “Come Dance with Me” is such a favourite!! We really want you to learn it, so that you can come dance with us whenever a foxtrot is played.


Level 2

  • Warm up: Midnight Rendezvous
  • Quick review: Stitches
  • New: Bosa Nova
  • Quick review: Rock & Roll Music,
  • Broken Stones or Peligrosa (time permitting)


Level 3

  • Warm up: Peligrosa
  • Quick review: Gypsy Queen
  • New: Blessed
  • Quick review: Bosa Nova
  • Time permitting: Stitches, or Homegrown