New posts tonight

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Tonight I was able to post the info from today’s Board meeting:
–  the dance parties for 2020 (under Events)
–  the photo from the Origin Stampede party (under Events)
–  the survey results (under Governance)
–  the new Membership policy approved at today’s meeting (under Governance)
–  the playlist for Saturday (under Events)
–  the workshop dances which will become part of our repertoire (under Dance list)

See you soon on the dance floor

Welcome Back! Lessons for Friday, Sept. 13

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Mary Rochfort will be with us!
Some of us may feel a bit rusty after a summer away from classes, so this will be a review week.
If you have not had a “teach” on these dances, check the online tutorials, or take a break if necessary.
All of these dances will be on our playlist for the next dance party – Saturday Sept. 14.

Level 2                       3:15    
Warmup                     Come Dance with Me
Review                        Eyes for You
Review                        I Close My Eyes
Review                        Blue Night Cha
If time permits          American Kids

Level 3                       5:30
Review                        Lay Low
Review                        Sucker
Review                        Stitches
Review                        Dock of the Bay

Level 4                       2:00
Review                        Just a Phase
Review                        Graffiti 
Review                        Hypnotized Cha
Review                        The Show

Welcome back!! Lessons for Monday Sept. 9

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Level 1             7:00 PM

Teach              Ah Si, Cut a Rug, Good Morning 


Level 1.5         8:00 PM

Warmup         Stroll Along Cha, Cut a Rug
Teach              Jo ‘n Jo Tango
Teach              Sweet Caroline

Friday lessons will be posted very soon!
They will be mostly reviews, preparing us for our dance party
on September 14.

….looking forward to another fun season,
Faye and Deb

Classes begin next week!

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Level 1                        Monday, September 9          7:00 PM

Level 1.5                     Monday, September 9          8:00 PM

Level 2                        Friday, September 13           3:15 PM

Level 3                        Friday, September 13           5:30 PM

Level 4                        Friday, September 13           2:00 PM

We still have room in our Level 1 class. Come and join the fun!!

Coming soon

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Classes start in just 3 weeks.

We are looking forward to another great term.

See you soon on the dance floor.
Deb & Faye