Winter Term

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Hello Dancing friends,

Regrettably, we do not know when we can begin our Winter Term.
The Board is proposing that we will offer 9 weeks of lessons (as per your registration), commencing whenever we receive permission to begin.
This may mean that your lessons will extend into the end of March or perhaps April or May. 
If you would prefer a refund for any reason, please email us at
For those who have paid by cheque, your cheque will be deposited next week, unless you request its return. 
Thank you for your patience.
We can hardly wait to be safely dancing together with you!!

on behalf of the BVLD Board

Happy New Year !

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We welcome 2021 with the hope that we will be able to dance together soon.

While we wait for that opportunity, let’s all dust off our dancing shoes and try a few favourite dances in our kitchens.

Classes were due to begin Jan. 11, but as you may know, the Rec Center is closed until Jan. 12.

So, dancing friends, watch this website, and keep hoping that we will begin our new term safely in mid-January.

…looking forward to dancing with you soon.

Warm Wishes

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On this magnificent snowy day, we send you warm wishes for a happy holiday / Merry Christmas.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay grateful for this beautiful place we call home.

…looking forward to dancing with you soon.
Deb and Faye

A delightful surprise

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Today, we were surprised by four of our BVLD Board members dancing “Come Dance with Me” on our driveway. They delivered poinsettias and gift certificates with beautiful thank you notes and a touching thank-you speech on behalf of our dance Club.

We are grateful for these gifts, and grateful for the support of all of our dancers.

Stay well. Stay safe. Keep dancing for joy.

Faye and Deb

Winter Term classes

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Hello dancing friends,

It appears that we will not be dancing together in December.
Our Winter Term registration is proceeding well, so it appears that many of us hope we can dance in January.
Have a lovely and safe holiday / Christmas break.
Meanwhile, keep dancing for joy.